Design of a corporate calendar for the Pulkovo airport


Pulkovo is the main and only airport in St. Petersburg and the country’s fourth-largest air terminal in terms of passenger traffic.

ООО "Воздушные ворота Северной столицы"

In terms of the number of passengers transported, Pulkovo is only inferior to the three airports in the capital. Every year, 18 million passengers pass through its terminals, 60% of which are domestic passengers. With that, the airport receives not only passenger planes, but cargo aircraft as well. From the airport, planes fly to 165 regular destinations, operated by 77 airlines. The most popular Russian destinations are Moscow, Sochi, and Simferopol. International airports include Antalya, Frankfurt, Larnaca, Paris, and Munich.

At the end of 2018, airport representatives contacted us and ordered the design of a corporate calendar. We had already cooperated with Pulkovo in 2013 and prepared an image-making calendar for then devoted to the opening of a new terminal. Our images of planes in the city became viral. They still appear both on public pages of the airport, and in the press. We also did advertisement photography for the Rossiya airline that was based there.

Since 2019 had been declared the year of theaters in Russia, we decided to combine in the calendar the best theaters of the world and flights from the Pulkovo Airport. The pages of the calendar were decorated with posters of famous theater pieces and iconic world premieres scheduled for 2019. Each production was appointed to the month it would be done. We also selected the most convenient direct and regular flights from the Pulkovo Airport to selected destinations.

For the calendar pages, unique posters were specially made. Their designs used the theater typography and genuine playbills. However, the images we created allowed making a calendar in unified style and avoid long correspondence with theaters, asking for their permission to publish their posters.

As a result, famous performances at the La Scala, the Vienna and Paris Operas, the Bolshoi and Mariinsky Theaters, and theaters in Barcelona, Milan, London, Berlin and Zurich, Beijing, and Budapest appeared on the pages of the calendar. Beside the Pulkovo Airport, we also designed corporate calendars for the Sheremetyevo Airport. The former showed crews of the airlines operating at the airport, while pages of the latter showed show business stars, athletes and winners of beauty contests.


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