Photo bank for PhosAgro


PhosAgro, the largest holding in the chemical industry, has enterprises in the Leningrad, the Murmansk, the Saratov, and the Vologda regions.

ПАО "Фосагро"

The company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of phosphorus-containing fertilizers. The Volkhov branch of JSC Apatit has been included in the structure of the PhosAgro holding since 2012. Previously, the plant was called Metakhim, it had been created in 2003, when the Volkhov aluminum plant was divided into two areas of activities: chemical and metallurgical. The seaport of St.-Petersburg provides logistics for international and domestic shipments of the Volkhov plant. Sulfuric and phosphoric acid and fertilizers are shipped directly from the plant to anywhere in the world.

Over the past few years, the Studio has already completed several powerful projects for PhosAgro. For example, in 2018 we made a large photo case for chemical enterprises in the Vologda and the Murmansk regions. In 2019, we did industrial photography at the PhosAgro production site in Balakovo. We photographed PhosAgro social facilities in Kirovsk. This time we were given the task of taking photographs of the Volkhov branch of JSC Apatit and preparing materials for the company’s updated photo bank.

In April 2021, new production lines were launched at the PhosAgro Group facility in Volkhov. And no later than in May, the Studio did industrial photography of the plant undergoing upgrade. The capacity of the installed lines was 300 thousand tons of fertilizers per year. We witnessed the release of the first batch of nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer, ammophos, one of the most purchased fertilizers in Russia and abroad. Of course, we took pictures of the new equipment and products of the upgraded enterprise.

The nearest plans of the plant include increasing the production capacity more than four times — to more than 850 thousand tons. Today, two more production sites are under construction at the plant, and the production of sulfuric and phosphoric acids is being upgraded.

In four shooting days, we managed to prepare a photo bank — a large-scale project dedicated to the new looks of the chemical enterprise. We photographed already running lines and production sites. We built a lot of complex composite photographs of the plant itself, made many photo portraits and photographs of products. From the images obtained, we selected and processed 60 most interesting photos. These photos were included in the final photo bank, which will be used to fill the company’s websites, to release information and marketing materials.

The PhosAgro photographs taken by the studio’s photographers are always white, light-filled futuristic structures of chemical tanks and pipelines and beautiful faces of the specialists who ensure operation of the enterprise. This time was no exception. We made bright and detailed materials for the photo bank describing the life of the company.


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