Photography of a Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft


Sukhoi Superjet 100is a new generation short-haul passenger aircraft developed by the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company.

ПАО «Компания «Сухой»

Sukhoi is a Russian aviation holding company and the largest domestic exporter of aviation equipment. The design bureaus and aircraft manufacturing plants, which are part of the holding, complete a full range of activities in the aircraft industry, from the aircraft design and assembly to their sales and after-sales maintenance. The new Sukhoi Superjet 100, launched in 2011, has become quite an event in the Russian aircraft industry. First, it is the only aircraft developed in Russia after the collapse of the USSR. Second, only digital technology was used for the first time in the country to create the Sukhoi Superjet aircraft. Nine countries have already purchased 130 Sukhoi Superjet aircraft for regional passenger transportation.

Line Artworks has become the first Russian studio to perform image-building photography of the Sukhoi Superjet aircraft. The photography took place at the Zhukovsky airfield near Moscow and lasted for two days.

In general, photography and videography of large and low-maneuverable objects, like airplanes, is always a difficult task. First, in terms of logistics. A lot of equipment is required for a variety of photographs. Moving an airplane and placing it at a proper angle requires not only considerable time for preparation but also the skills of drivers of tow trucks and lift trucks.

Well, now let’s reveal the major secret of photographing a Sukhoi Superjet 100! So how did the Line Artworks team capture a flying plane at minimal cost? It seems that the only way to photograph a Superjet in the air would be to fly in front of it in a transport plane and take pictures through the open cargo hatch. This is surely interesting but increases the budget of photography by the score of dozens. However, if you have talented photographers, retouchers, and designers in your team, you can get by with a usual lift truck. To do this, the lift truck is placed next to the aircraft in such a way that the photographer takes pictures from the desired angle that reminds the view of a flying aircraft.

Then retouchers and designers get down to work, selecting images of the sky and creating a collage as close to the reality as possible using the digital compositing method. That is, by combining several photos into one. Interested in learning more about aircraft photography? Look at our projects for the Utair and Rossiya airlines, as well as for the Pulkovo and Sheremetyevo airports.


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