A ready licensed augmented reality application


Look at More is a mobile application from Line Artworks Studio for augmented reality projects.


The augmented reality technology, or Augmented Reality (AR) makes corporate materials more informative, modern, and interesting. It allows adding videos, graphics, or 3D models to any printed or online materials. To view interactive content, just download a special application and point your mobile phone at an object with AR technology: a poster, a catalog, a calendar, an exhibition booth, or an advertising module.

To use AR technology in your project, you need a mobile application. Such an application is developed specifically for the company and uploaded to Google Play and App Store. On average, developing and uploading it to online stores takes several months and requires a significant budget. We offer creating a project based on a ready-made augmented reality application — Look at More. This will cut the development time and budget twice! The cost of subsequent AR projects will be the same, both for uploading into your branded application, and for adding to Look at More.

How does it work? To see AR in action, install Look at More from Google Play or App Store. Open it on your phone or tablet and point the camera at one of the project images. This will launch virtual elements: video or graphics.

How is Look at More different from a regular app? We can’t brand a Look at More app to your corporate style. If you want a branded application, we can develop it specifically for you.

How long will the project be available to users? We offer licenses for one year, during which period your customers and partners will be able to freely view your project. If desired, the duration of the project can be prolonged for a fee.

In 2018, we developed an augmented reality app for Russian Railways and its corporate calendar dedicated to the 45th anniversary of the BAM. In 2017, we collaborated with the ILIM corporation, for which we also created an AR calendar.

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