Image-building photography of the Agropromkomplektatsiya Group of Companies

From an idea to visual storytelling

The Agropromkomplektatsiya Group of Companies is one of the closed production cycle “field to the counter” leading agro-industrial associations in Russia.

From an idea to visual storytelling
Agropromkomplektatsiya Group of Companies

The primary activity of the Group is dairy farming and milk processing, pig breeding, and meat processing, crop and fodder production. The company pays great attention to personnel policy and social programs, employee training perspectives of development and professional growth, therefore it ranks first in the labor productivity rating in the Russian agro-industrial complex.

The Agropromkomplektatsiya Group of Companies entered the top three leaders in the production of marketable milk in Russia, which is an important achievement for the company. Our primary task was to create a photo story with an emphasis on the scale of activities, the benefits of teamwork, and on individual contribution of each employee to the common cause, which we called “Living and Working On Own Land”. The nature of the concept is a combination of traditional values, continuity of generations, and digital technologies. The project was aimed at showing the agro-industrial complex as a high-tech one for work and life outside megacities for attracting young qualified specialists to the agriculture.

This year we expanded the geography of industrial photography of the Group’s enterprises. In addition to the Kursk region, the Studio’s specialists worked at a cattle complex and a dairy plant near Tver. They photographed managers, technologists, operators, veterinarians, agronomists, drivers, and employees of other professions. They composed plots with people, animals and all kinds of equipment at various locations.

For best result, we conducted extensive location scouting at the company’s sites and engaged a local modeling agency from Kursk for photography in the field, which allowed us to optimize the organizational process and achieve proper composition and atmosphere in the frame.

The inspiration for this project was provided by agricultural paintings of the era of socialist realism, as examples of the scale and landscape of the plots, and the frames of sci-fi films about space, as the standard for the personification of manufacturability.

Designers and retouchers of Line Artworks processed the photos and prepared them for the website and image-building materials of the Agropromkomplektatsiya Group of Companies.


Kursk and Tver regions


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