Industrial photography of the factories of the AEM-Technologies group

Industrial photography of the factories

AEM-technologii is a manufacturer of equipment for the nuclear industry, the oil and gas industry, and thermal energy.

Industrial photography of the factories
AEM-Technologies group

Petrozavodskmash, based in Petrozavodsk, and Atommash, based in Volgodonsk, are two of the five main business units of the AEM-Technologies group.

They operate as part of JSC Atomenergomash, the main production unit of the State Corporation Rosatom. The structure of JSC AEM-Technologies also includes an engineering company in Kolpino (St. Petersburg) and production enterprises in Kolpino (Izhora and AEM-Special Steels).

AEM Technologies is a Russian manufacturer of equipment for the nuclear, the oil and gas, and the thermal power industries. Factories of the company make pipe fittings, metallurgy blanks, large welded structures, gate valves, and shut-off valves. A separate product range of the plant includes parts for power unit reactors.

The studio has successfully completed several large projects for the company’s enterprises, from preparation of an exhibition on the boulevards of two capitals to releasing an anniversary publication about the enterprise history. This time we took on image-building photography of the factories in Petrozavodsk and Volgodonsk. To cover the main production cycle of the factories and not to miss important moments, photography was done in two stages. In the spring of 2022, we made the first working visit to the enterprises. We photographed Petrozavodskmash for three days and Atommash for two more days. For the second time, we visited these factories in the autumn to photograph new parts of manufactured products and industrial exteriors in various lighting conditions.

The peculiarity of this project was that the photographs of all enterprises have the same style. Not only the photograph crew, but also the retouchers of the Studio worked on it. During photography at both factories, we carefully chose angles, built composition, and placed employees. As usual, we paid attention to all the nuances, from protective equipment to the inscriptions on the working clothes of our models.

The specifics of photography in this project were determined by the industry sector AEM-Technologies plants are involved in. Petrozavodskmash is engaged in production of specialized vessels that can withstand high pressure, steam and heating water boilers, and piping for high-temperature liquids and steam. Atommash makes reactor units, steam generators, melt traps, RCP housings, and special process equipment. Huge bottoms for generator units are also made in Volgodonsk. Hence, the size of the workshops, the arrangement of production equipment and, accordingly, the requirements for photography.

During the project, the company’s photo bank was replenished with a full range of production and industrial photographs: portraits group photographs in the interiors, subject photography of products, photographs of production facilities and logistics hubs, and general plans of factories from above.


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