Industrial and image-building photography of SIBUR enterprises

Creation of a company photobank

SIBUR is a major petrochemical holding in Russia and Eastern Europe. It is a company of full business cycle, including gas transportation and processing, monomer, plastic, rubber, mineral fertilizer, tire and rubber production, as well as plastic reprocessing.

Creation of a company photobank

The company’s gas processing facilities provide necessary raw materials for the petrochemical segment of the holding. Over 50,000 professionals work in two dozen Russian regions. The company’s policy envisages placing production sites close to mining enterprises and key consumers, which ensures the holding’s leading position in several industries: hydrocarbon raw material and plastic production, organic synthesis, and synthetic rubber synthesis. At the same time, the focus on digitalization and advanced technologies ensures the sustainability of the company’s development.

The Line Artworks Studio team has already completed many successful projects for SIBUR. For example, we photographed their petrochemical holding in Noyabrsk and Chaikovsky, and the seaport of Ust-Luga. We also did industrial photography of Sibur-PET and SiburKhimProm.

This time, we did industrial and image-building photography of enterprises in all areas of the company’s activities in various regions of Russia. This project has become largest-scale, in terms of both duration and geography.

For a whole month, the Studio team took photographs at the holding’s basic enterprises that provided raw materials, at gas processing and petrochemical enterprises, at enterprises producing polymers, plastics, elastomers, and organic synthesis enterprises. After that, a month and a half was spent preparing a photo bank based on the photographs taken. Retouchers of the Studio processed all photographs in line with the graphic concept of the project.

In the thirty days of photography, specialists of the Studio photographed Belozerny GPP (Nizhnevartovsk), Vyngapurovsky GPP (Noyabrsk), Gubkinsky GPP (near Novy Urengoy), Yuzhno-Balyksky GPP in the Yugra region (Pyt-Yakh), Sibur-Khimprom (Perm), and the Tobolsk production site at ZapSibNeftekhim. The team also photographed the holding’s enterprises for the production of plastics, elastomers and intermediate products, olefins and polyolefins, such as the Krasnoyarsk Synthetic Rubber Plant (JV with Sinopec) and Polyef, which is the largest producer of polyethylene terephthalate in Russia.

Another set of image-building photographs was devoted to the company’s divisions that are engaged in digital and research areas of activity: in Moscow they photographed Sibur Digital, a digital cluster that solves creative tasks for petrochemical production digitalization, and PolyLab, a research center located in Skolkovo for developing and testing polymer products.

When working on this project, the photographers of the Studio used most of the techniques and genres of industrial photography: they photographed the interiors and exteriors of enterprises, industrial landscapes, made portraits and live and staged photographs. During image-building photography, they focused on the communication between employees, on the dynamics of the production processes. Of course, they photographed production equipment and finished products. For example, they showed the cascades of raw material transformation, from extraction and transportation to plastic production.

As usual, in the language of industrial photography, we conveyed the scale, the values, and the particularities of Sibur enterprises; it was important for the photographers to capture and convey the company’s energy and direction of development, and the professionals who work in it.

When working on this large project, the Studio showed high class in organizing creative and logistical processes. Industrial photography at many enterprises with hundreds of models and dozens of production and processing facilities became possible due to the experience of the Studio team and the ability to simultaneously solve various tasks in preparing and performing photography, and in post-production. As a result, we prepared a large photo bank and handed it over to SIBUR.



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