Design of the corporate calendar for the Rosavtodor Federal Road-building Agency


Rosavtodor is a federal road-building agency established under the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. The agency is in charge of federal highways, bridges, road tunnels, as well as above-ground and underground crossings.

ФАД "Росавтодор"

Since 2004, federal agency Rosavtodor has been building and operating the entire road infrastructure of the country. It manages 117 federal highways with a total length of 49,100 km. i.e., 96% of all roads in Russia! Besides, the agency manages almost 6,000 bridges and 45 road tunnels throughout Russia. Rosavtodor’s most famous project is the transport bridge across the Kerch Strait. The bridge that will comprise two parts, the automobile and the railroad ones, will connect the Taman Peninsula with the Crimean Peninsula.

In October 2016, Rosavtodor placed an order with Line Artworks for a corporate calendar for 2017. According to the concept developed by the studio, the calendar was supposed to tell about the most large-scale, spectacular, and complicated engineering projects of the agency.

Together with the representatives of Rosavtodor, 12 best projects were chosen, one for each month of the year. Next, designers of Line Artworks started working with the photo archive accumulated by the agency over many years. The carefully chosen images were subsequently retouched. To the resulting image-building photographs, we added to the calendar pages brief information about the projects and marked their location on a specially rendered map of Russia.

As a result, Line Artworks Studio developed and printed two types of calendars: an image-building one (A2 format) and a compact one for the desktop. One can find even more interesting information about the country’s road companies from our projects for the Avtodor State Corporation about the country’s first wildlife crossing and from the case of creating a brand book for the Avtoban road construction company.


Overview of large-scale implemented projects, concepts for calendars.
Four times a year.