Photo guide and creating a photo style for Sibur

Guidelines for photographers and designers

SIBUR is one of the most powerful petrochemical companies in the world.

Guidelines for photographers and designers

The company’s enterprises make basic polymers, synthetic rubbers, plastics and organic synthesis products.

The company’s products are used in the principal areas of the economy: automotive, construction, food industry, medicine and pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and others.

SIBUR employs almost twenty-five thousand people, so the company considers development of the social infrastructure and improvement of the quality of life one of its primary tasks.

The studio has been making projects for the Sibur Company for several years: our portfolio includes successful cases in design, decoration, and photography. This time we had to create reference shots and to develop a unique photographic style of the company. The result of the work was a single document — a photo guide, following which photographers, retouchers and designers will create and process photographic materials in the same style.

At the first stage of work, we identified the basic values that determine the visual style of the holding: teamwork based on respect for each other, partnership, safety priority, and the desire to become better every day — these are the main keystones that our guide to creating a photo style for the holding is based on.


Despite the long history of cooperation with SIBUR, the Studio seriously revised photographic materials and projects to implement the project. We performed a painstaking analysis of photo banks for compliance with the corporate values and prepared a detailed set of instructions and rules for creating the company’s visual content.

For three months, the Studio’s specialists worked on instructions and rules of photography, described technical and design techniques for creating industrial and image photographs. Separately, we prepared sections of the photo guide, such as

— rules of photography

— photography of work processes,

— photography of events and social efforts.


The guide developed by the Studio also includes instructions for image processing and color correction. To illustrate the photo guide, the Studio prepared industrial photographs that serve as a reference for the SIBUR photographic style. These photographs have been prepared by a specialist in industrial photography, one of the world’s leading industrial photographers. The result of our work was the development of a unique and efficient photographic style of the company, which highlights its values and emphasizes competitive and ideological advantages. This is a clear and understandable graphic language that meets modern trends in design, photography, and marketing.


Overview of large-scale implemented projects, concepts for calendars.
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