Creating images for a calendar for EuroChem


EuroChem is a Swiss chemical company producing more than 100 types of fertilizers for agriculture


Against the backdrop of growing global need for food, the company sees it its goal to help participants of the agricultural market improve quality and increase the amount of harvested crops. On June 7, a new EuroChem plant for production of ammonia was opened in Kingisepp. This modern enterprise is intended to significantly increase the amount of natural gas processing in Russia. No less than 80% of produced ammonia is planned for export, and the remaining amounts should cover the internal needs of the company, including Phosphorit industrial group in Kingisepp.

After the plant was opened, the Studio was invited to Kingisepp to take photos and create an image-building picture for EuroChem corporate calendar. The photograph at the basis for the front page of the calendar was supposed to talk about the youth, the energy, and the great ambitions of the largest fertilizer producer.

The company’s global plans are related to the need to provide food for the growing population of the planet. We decided to show in the photo taken the strength of the team and the optimism the company looks with into the future.

The photo shows energetic, young, and full of energy and plans employees of EuroChem. We photographed them at the new ammonia plant, against the background of the largest production plant in Europe and Russia. And in the evening, we managed to photograph general views of the modern high-tech company. The photographs were also presented to the company.

This photo cleanly eradiates confidence in the future. It has been rightfully ranked among the TOP 20 best photos of the Studio in 2020.


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