Kirovsky Zavod is an industrial group of companies that includes over 20 manufacturing enterprises. The most famous of them are Avtomatika Design Bureau JSC, Kirov-Energomash Plant JSC, Petrostal Metallurgical Plant JSC, Lokomotiv JSC, V. V. Vorovsky United Drilling Plants LLC, Tetramet JSC, and Petersburg Tractor Plant JSC.

Kirovsky Zavod LLC

The group’s industrial and logistics hubs are located in the south of Russia, in St. Petersburg, and the Leningrad region. The main production facilities, warehouse complexes and, most importantly, the port, which ensures a continuous process of supply and shipment, are located on the premises of Kirovsky Zavod in St. Petersburg. The two-hundred-year-long history of the company allows working confidently in traditional industries: metallurgy, mechanical engineering, and turbine construction, and an innovative approach to production helps to gain new positions in the global market.

In April 2021, the studio was invited to photograph the production and prepare a photo bank for Kirovsky Zavod. This task required an integrated approach. After all, Kirovsky Zavod is a large industrial complex with many production companies. They manufacture drilling machines, ship turbine generators, power units for icebreakers, wheeled tractors, and hydropower equipment.

Photography of the production took five days. During this time, we photographed everything that forms the modern image of Kirovsky Zavod. They photographed how tractors were assembled, including the ones of the new K-7M series, the lineup of which includes 11 models. It turned out that Kirovets tractors have been assembled since 1924; this brand will soon celebrate its centenary.

The history of the Kirov-Energomash plant starts in 1913, when the first ship turbine shop was built at the Putilov shipyard. We photographed production in the shops where turbines for icebreakers and nuclear power plants are made. For example, we photographed power units ready for shipment.

In addition to the photography of the production facilities at almost 20 industrial companies of the group, we took photographs of the Museum of Kirovsky Zavod. This is one of the largest industrial museums in Russia. To view the display of 220 years of the plant’s development, one has to walk through six large halls. The sixth hall contains prototypes and samples of modern equipment, showing that Kirovsky Zavod is an enterprise heading for the future. We made photojournalistic photos of the museum, photographed not only the exhibits, but the work of the guides as well.

Of course, we made photo portraits of the company’s employees: metalworkers, mechanics, mechanics, engineers, and many others. More than 7,000 employees work at the plant. Special attention is paid to HR policy. The corporate university of the company has 100 training programs for working specialties only. We took advantage of the unique opportunity to photograph workers of various enterprises and professions in one place.

The Studio has an extensive experience in the photography of machine-building and electric power plants. For example, see the photography of SDB Turbina JSC and industrial photography of tactical hybrid vehicles.


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