Photographing industrial facilities


We are in top 25 industrial photographers in the world according to Production Paradise.
We have collected the largest portfolio in the country for industrial photography, 500 works.
The Line Artworks team comprises full-time industrial photographers, retouchers, illustrators, and designers.
Professional photo and video equipment, lighting equipment and equipment for aerial photography is available.

About photography

Industrial photography requires a special approach to solving the tasks set by the customer. Industrial topic defines the nature of the chosen objects, props, and even the post-production of the footage.

Types of industrial facilities

There are several grades of industrial buildings. They are classified by industry, purpose, size, and even by depreciation. The catalog of our works shows that Line Artworks Studio has successfully photographed or made videos in almost all types of production companies: large factories and small enterprises of technology start-ups, industrial giants and complex clusters of processing industry. We proceed from the tasks of our customers and find those photographic solutions that fulfill these tasks.

How specialists in industrial photography work

Production photography is a process that requires careful preparation and professional attention to every detail and nuance. Nevertheless, a professional approach to photography does not negate the decisive role of creativity. It is at the intersection of algorithms elaborated in dozens of similar projects, creative eye of a photographer and a retoucher that useful and memorable photos appear.


Catalog of photography projects for industrial companies

The portfolio of the Studio includes hundreds of successfully made in various photographic genres photographs accepted by the customers. Examples of photography of industrial facilities, whether it be a factory or a specialized production facility, a gold mine or a transport company, we publish on our website. Here you can also ask a question, for example, find out the cost of our services, set or negotiate the terms.

We work throughout Russia and the CIS countries: today we can take pictures in Moscow, and tomorrow we can already make a photo bank for a company in Kamchatka. Regardless of the geographical location of the enterprises, we equally carefully do preparatory work, professionally perform photography, and process photographic material.

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